Our Friendly Team

Rosslyn Nursery and Preschool is set in the light and airy hall of the ETNA centre.  It offers a free flow environment into a spacious garden, that operates alongside a range of adult-led small group activities.  These fun-packed sessions spark a child’s natural curiosity and are carefully planned to follow EYFS curriculum to nurture a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

The staff are a caring, experienced and established team of practitioners who have worked together in the setting at the ETNA centre for the last five years. The atmosphere of camaraderie provides an environment in which compassion and respect for others thrives, for children and adults alike.

A number of parents have joined together with the staff to create the co-operatively run nursery. The parent’s perspective is integral to the running of the nursery and staff forge excellent partnerships with parents and carers. 

The dedicated and passionate team have a wide range of valuable experience, relevant qualifications and up to date training. This ensures they provide the very highest quality care to nurture, inspire and enable every child to take their next steps in education with confidence and excitement.